Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"Shattered" Post 13

My new plan for my project change is now thought out in my head, and it goes like this: I have already written a possible project pitch for the scenario where I present my idea to a video game company: 
A Pitch for a “Son of Spy”:
This idea started as a plan to write a book, until I decided to come to my senses and follow through with something that I really wanted to do and was interested in. I then made the decision to turn around the plot of my to-be book and make a back story for a video game. Video games are my passion, and love playing, reading about, and watching their stories and mechanics. My plan for this game would be about a son who leads a near below-average life, until finding out that his dad is a spy for a secret government organization, which is when a opposing group strikes, killing the dad and leaving the kid/teenager to fight for himself. GAIA, the good organization shows up, and takes in the main character to help them in the fight between them and Lucifer, the main antagonist. Using the environment around them, a few athletic and fighting skills, multiple gadgets, and common sense, the player has to make their way around a 3D environment, using tactical decisions to avoid death or capture, direct teammates to carry out tasks, and solve environmental puzzles that will help them advance forward. There will not just be missions on foot, but also missions that involve hacking, stealth, vehicles, and one-on-one combat (boss fights!!!). Upgrades can be made to equipment during and after missions, as well as completing side quests that can be carried out at the player’s leisure. In-game tutorials will be available at the beginning of the game by default, but can be turned off at any time in the SETTINGS menu. Possible platforms for the game include: Nintendo 3DS, Xbox360, Xbox 1, PS4, Wii U. 

My father has some connections within the gaming industry, and he can hook me up when the time comes. I will have to plan out every level, cutscene, item, character, and power up that might be seen in the game, and more. The characters from my book ideas will still play roles in this new game, and I might have different plans for each of them. I am now faced with half the time I had originally however, and I now am under a greater time constraint than before. It is time to put my nose to the grindstone!

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  1. Hi Donovan!

    I'm Lenny, a future English teacher with the University of Saint Joseph, and I will be reading your blog every week!

    I am really interested in your blog because you're dealing with two of my favorite things - writing a story and video games! I have been writing fantasy fiction stories since I was in elementary school, and playing video games just as long. So, I know what you are writing about!

    You have a great video game story going here! Secret organizations are full of suspense and fun to fight against in games. What makes these spy organizations different from other video games, though? That's a question I think you will want to answer, to be sure that your game is new and different.

    Also, how well do you know story plot? Do you know how a story generally begins, gets complicated, and ends? If writing stories for video games interests you, I can suggest resources for at least writing stories well. You seem to have a lot of the essential elements starting here, so I want to be sure you have them all.

    I look forward to hearing from you and reading your next entry! Great start!