Monday, February 3, 2014

"Shattered" Post 15

I have begun to start the thought process for my first level cut scene, which is basically the same as the cut scene I started when I was writing the book. We will start off with Dennis getting home from school, flopping down on his bed, with some of his back story being told in the background. We then will have the player control Dennis around the house, fulfilling a few minor objectives before starting the biggest mission of the first level: retrieve the file from the attic. The "minor objectives" would involve orienting the player about how to access inventory, maneuver the character, and basically all of the normal controls for the game. Upon returning to his father's study, the sniper takes the shot, and the rest of this exciting cut scene will unfold into a car-chasing bullet-shooting getaway race. If I can get excited over just this one cut scene, then I can't wait to work on the other levels.

1 comment:

  1. The scene sounds very exciting! You definitely want a "light" opening scene like Dennis in the house to orient your player. I get anxiety when I'm thrown immediately into a game without enough time to figure out how to play, and what you described here is perfect to avoid that set up!

    You have me hooked already, story-wise! I can't wait to read more!